Sunday, August 24, 2008

Senior Pics!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Olympics comming soon!

Olympic Medal winners at NBC!

Friday, July 25, 2008

I gave Snowy a bath last night and cut her hair. It's amazing how much skinnier she looks without the extra hair. Oh and keep in mind it's not the easiest thing to cut a cats hair when they don't want you to.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Scavenger Hunt of BYU campus

figuring out how to read the map, it was very confusing, but i figured out that once you knew where north was and could find it easily, the map was very simple to read.

We went through the MARB into the Widstoe building where all the fish were.

Daddy kept stepping on my shoes and he wouldn't stop, i kept tripping : D

Me and dad on top of the JFSB. I named most the buildings! I felt so good about myself lol. The JFSB is cool because the have a waterfall in the back to represent the rock that Moses hit with his stick and water gushed out.

Me and Mia, she did all of this for me and i had so much fun!

Me putting together the pieces to figure out what FHE was going to be that night. We ended up making marshmallow boats and floating them down the river. Mine came in fourth.

For the past week my family and I have been visiting my sister Maria and her husband Weston out in Utah. It has been a really fun week. We have visited our cousins the Armstrongs and played games and joked around with them. We have gone to the park and played games with each other. Maria did a scavenger hunt for me on the BYU campus. So now I am some what familiar with the buildings, where they are located, and some things inside. Now I just have to graduate from high school so that I can go!!!! But one of the funnest things that we did was Maria told us her and Weston's whole story; how they met, the feelings between them, and how they got together. :)

Tomorrow morning we are headed back for Kentucky, another 23 hour car trip. I don't want to leave yet tho, I've enjoyed spending time with my them. Weston is good addition to my family. I'm still getting used to my sister being married, she's very cute!

Once I get home I'm going to work on studying and getting ready to take my ACT and SAT. My goal right now is to get good scores on both so that i can get a decent scholarship for college. Also I need to find out information on my Cosmetology license that I'm going to get. I need to find out how to get one in Utah, so that i can practice there too. So I'm going to be pretty busy this next year with school work and getting things ready for college.